nimbus premieres The River Becomes Sea

Rising Waters in Reconstruction Era New Orleans
nimbus premieres The River Becomes Sea

November 20, 2018

(Minneapolis, MN) November 20, 2018. nimbus theatre unveils its latest original work, THE RIVER BECOMES SEA, at the Crane Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. Written and directed by Josh Cragun, opening December 1, 2018 and performing through December 16.

In THE RIVER BECOMES SEA, nimbus explores the turbulent world of Reconstruction Era New Orleans. Inspired by Euripides’ The Bacchae, playwright Josh Cragun has populated the Crescent City with a complex collection of ambitious, passionate people. When an exiled scion of Cornelius’ prosperous and respectable dynasty returns, the secret she carries could tear the
family apart. Pride, racism, resentment and ambition flow together like a river to the sea. Playwright Cragun has been nurturing the idea of a play loosely based on Euripides’ tragedy.

The swirling conflict between the forces of civilization, passion, pride and ambition was an ideal match for the New Orleans of the 1870’s. Director Ernest Briggs [quote or thought from the director about the relevance of the piece].

The work nimbus creates is playwright-led devised theater, which means that a new script is created by a playwright in collaboration with an ensemble cast and design team. What is different about this approach is that it allows the choices of the actors and designers to inform the script, creating a work in a very collaborative environment, rather than having all choices flow from a pre-written script.


Playing at 
The Crane Theater
2303 Kennedy St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

(parking and theater entrance at the back of the building)


The River Becomes Sea
by Josh Cragun
Directed by Ernest Briggs

Featuring the talents of Jon Stentz, Sarah Broude, Richard D. Woods, Nicholas Nelson, Heidi Berg, Lana Bean and Nicole Golden.
Set design by Ursula Bowden, lighting design by Mitchell Frazier, costume design by Andrea M Gross, property design by Corinna
Knepper Troth, dramaturgy by Alex Meyer. Stage managed by Alyssa Thompson.


nimbus has been creating original theater in the Twin Cities since 2001. Their unique process for the creation of playwright-led collaborative work combined with their passion for creating bold, eclectic theater has been dazzling audiences for over 15 years. A company founded and led by playwrights and run by the artists themselves, we are dedicated to creating theater that crosses boundaries, promotes imagination, and ignites new conversations.

Contact: Josh Cragun
Phone: 612-237-9810
email: [email protected]