The Lower Depths

by Maxim Gorky

adapted by Josh Cragun

December 7, 2013 - December 22, 2013

Brother, can you spare a kopek?

 A wife, a drink, a future. In a squalid boarding house the hopes and desires of a collection of society’s castoffs swirl and collide. Morality is tested, compassion and empathy struggle against cruelty and greed. A perverse civilization that consigns an ever greater portion of its citizens to desperate poverty, their innate value crushed by indifference.

Only in Maxim Gorky’s Russia.


In a scorching new American adaptation, nimbus presents the rich human fabric of Gorky’s masterwork. It is the Great Depression, a time when many Americans found themselves stripped of their illusions of security and even identity. Their struggles show the very essence of what it is to be human, what defines us, and what can be lost in an increasingly stratified society.

Adapted and directed by Josh Cragun

Featuring Emily A. Grodzik, Brian Hesser, Adam King, Karissa Lade , Tara Lucchino, Nicholas Nelson , Brian O’Neal , Audrey Park , Art Peden, Andrew Sass, Troy Stolp , Marcia Svaleson, Taylor Van Denburgh, Gregory Yang. 

Designed by Mitchell Frazier, Zach Morgan, Barb Portinga, Sarah Salisbury.

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Dramatis Personae

The Duchess Marcia Svaleson
Chong Soon Audrey Park
Andrei Dmitrich Klestch Brian O'Neal
Nellie Karissa Lade
Anna Taylor Van Denburgh
The Actor Nicholas Nelson
Norbert Mosley Troy Stolp
Karl Nilsen Andrew Sass
Natalia Emily A. Grodzik
Luka Art Peden
Victoria Mosley Tara Lucchino
Jacob Kovach Adam King
Satine Gregory Yang
Bub Brian Hesser
Director Josh Cragun
Stage Manager Alyssa Thompson
Set Designer Zach Morgan
Costume Designer Barb Portinga
Lighting Designer Mitchell Frazier
Prop Designer Sarah Salisbury
Evelyn Taylor Van Denburgh