Ariel Leaf

Ariel Leaf is always glad to return to working with nimbus, having last done Lighting Design for Woyzeck and performed in The Balcony. She is a lighting designer, director, performer and occasional playwright. She is also a member of Freshwater Theatre, 20% Theatre Co, Footprints Collective and is the co-Artistic Director of Fortune's Fool. Next you can see her lighting Freshwater's The Gifted Program, performing in Alien Love Triangle (Also with Freshwater) , storytelling at the 2013 Fringe, co-creating The Veterans Play Project with Footprints, Bedlam and Mixed Blood this November as well as producing and performing in Stop Kiss next January. 

nimbus production history: 
Agamemnon Set Crew
Bohemian Flats Ensemble
Death and the Maiden Crew
Woyzeck Lighting Design
TV Men Cast
The Balcony The Beggar
Orestes Furies
The Balcony Georgette